No Not Now….

9 Aug

Well hello there, trite I know but how the heck does one start their very first blog post? I had a million ideas running through my mind on what I would post about. I literally had pages written out in my mind – enough for months of blog posts.

I researched for weeks on how to start a blog since I am somewhat technologically challenged. Finally, I decided this is it, I am going to do it. I followed all of the steps and got everything set-up. This didn’t come without some major anxiety and challenges. 30 minutes is all you need they said. Somehow my 30 minutes turned into a couple of hours and a lot of swearing. I mean a lot of this domain and web hosting stuff is like a foreign language to me. What if I download the wrong thing, what if I accidentally click something I am not supposed to? I had put aside all of the what ifs and I carried on. I had already clicked on purchase so there was no going back at that point. I literally had found myself at the purchase page several times before but wasn’t sure that I wanted that kind of commitment in my life. Choosing a theme was supposed to be the fun part hmmm….all these theme choices were as overwhelming as going to your local coffee shop and feeling pressured to choose a mocha, frappa latte with whip when all you really wanted was a black coffee. Shocking, I know, we do exist..those people that just want a plain black coffee. Anyways back to my theme. I needed something simple. Point, click and install but then there was menus, colors and fonts. I tend to overthink the small details making the process to get to the big picture a lot more difficult than it really needs to be.

I settle on a theme, try to navigate the dashboard thingie (BTW thingie is a word in my vocabulary) and I’m ready to go, or so I thought.

Then it happens…writer’s block. Where are you ideas, where did you go? My everyday ideas were floating around begging to get out. I’m never one to keep my opinions to myself, so where are you now when I need you? I have been planning for a better part of a year what I might write about. Ah, no need to write it down I tell myself, I will remember.

Well played brain…well played.

I actually got my laptop out of the desk where it sat like some sort of ancient relic since it had been replaced by my beloved Ipad. My laptop and I have a love hate relationship. You see, it is always wanting to update and install the latest version of everything, when I thought that we were working out just fine. I got sick of the restarting and every once and awhile, I would give it another chance but it would just go right back to wanting to update so as some sort of punishment, there it sat in my desk drawer.

I do remember that I wanted to write about everything from compassion for animals, pets, everyday life of being a single mom, vegetarianism and my craft supply addiction. Of course, all the while taking a Paws in Thyme to breathe, relax and to be kind to all of Earth’s inhabitants.